We are excited to announce our new product that is now on the drawing boards at factory but that we plan to have in the market by January 2020.

It is to be an extraordinary electric motorcycle capable of travelling 50 miles per one charge at a speed of 50 miles per hour. Yes, 50 miles at 50 miles per hour.

It will be DOT compliant making it legal to drive in any and all the States in the United States of America. Following that it will also be totally certified for the European Union.


Model Name:









• Weight (without battery): 109 Kgs (240 pounds)

• Battery Type: Lithium 72 Volts 50 Ah. (With built in BMS)

• Battery weight: 18 Kgs (40 pounds)

• Motor: 3000 Watts Brushless Hub Motor

• Max Speed: 80+ kilometers per hour. (50 miles per hour)

• Range: 80 kilometers per charge. (50 miles per charge)

• Charging Time Empty to Full of an 8 Amp Charger: Between 5 and 7 hours.

• Brake System: Front and Rear Disc Brakes.

• Tire Size: Front and Rear Tire 120-12.

• Speedometer: Digital Programable In Miles and Kilometers.

• Odometer: Digital Programable in Miles and Kilometers.




• Tele Controller.

• 3-Speed Setting on Throttle Handle.

• Alarm System.

• USB Plug-In

• Radio.

• Blue Tooth Speakers.

• Cell phone holder.

• Rear Rack to hold Trunk Box (optional). OTHER (Servicing Considerations)

• All Stainless Steel Screws.

• Heavy Duty Connectors (top quality) for Harness.

• Superior gage wiring for Harness.

• LED Lighting throughout

• Easily removable battery. Pullout system with handle.

• On board charger with spring loaded retractable cord

• Full set of wiring diagrams.

• Design drawings of vehicle.

• Switch Types: Press-Button Style


Vehicle Identification Number Description: WMI+Cycle Type Body Type Engine Type Net Brake Horsepower Check Digit Model Year Plant Location Sequential Production Number.