Flow battery lets electric cars travel 1,000 miles, recharges in minutes  E-mail

A new battery technology could make electric vehicles go 500 to 1,000 miles on a single charge ─ five times longer than is possible now, researchers claim.

The technology, being developed by the Illinois Institute of Technology and the Argonne National Laboratory, will use a modified version of a flow battery. Rather than rely on solid electrodes to provide power, the new battery would run on liquid nanoelectrofuel electrodes.

EVTAMERICA - A New Perception 2013


EVTAMERICA (EVTAmerica) is a new company with a proven, recognized and respected brand name (EVTA or EVTAMERICA). It is endeavoring to mirror the excellent manufacturing technology and marketing experience of the well-known pioneer electric vehicle technology company known as Electric Vehicles Transportation of America which was defused by the financial tsunami that created the world financial turmoil of 2008 yet to be overcome.