Specifications of Electric Scooters




L – (1800mm), (70.86 inches).

W – (740mm), (29.14 inches)

H – (1000mm), (39.37 inches)

Wheelbase: (1260mm), (49.61 inches)

Other Specifications:

Voltage system: 72 Volt - 20AH lead acid battery (Also available with Lithium Ion Battery – specific order)

Tire size: front 120/70 x 12", rear 130 /90 x 10" (DOT)

Weight with 20AH of lead acid battery: 118 kg. (260.15 pounds)

Max. Load capacity: 120 kgs. (265 pounds)

Range: 60 km @32km/h speed (40 miles at a speed if 20 miles per hour)

Charge time: 2.5amp lead acid charger is 7-8 hours (for a full charge from empty)

Climbing slope: 15+ degrees

Motor power: brushless 500-watt hub motor (with output of 1000 watts).

Limited speed: (32km/h), (20 miles per hour.)

Unlimited speed: (52 km/h), (32 miles per hour)

Note: This model comes with a Governor switch which limits the speed of this scooter to the 20 mile per hour speed limit that is required by law in The State of Florida in order to ride this scooter the same as an Electric Bicycle, which does not require Tags, Insurance or a Driver’s License. If the Governor is turned off the scooter will increase the speed to approximately 32 miles per hour (52 kph).

This model also comes equipped with functional pedals, again to comply with the electric bicycle laws of the State of Florida.

The pedals can be removed from the scooter and it will not affect the functionality of the scooter.

The Governor can be turned off automatically increasing the speed capacity of the scooter as explained to approximately 32 miles per hour. In other States in the United States this may or may not be legal, but it certainly is not legal in the State of Florida if you wish to drive the scooter the same as an Electric Bicycle.